Our Story

Treats Originating from Training Experience

As dog lovers, we want to feed our dogs healthy treats free of preservatives, fillers, and other unnatural ingredients. While developing our homemade recipes, we made sure to keep this in mind. That’s why all of our treats are gluten-free, and chemical and filler free. What makes these treats especially unique, however, is the taste.  My mom has been training dogs for competition for over 30 years. When training, she puts treats in her mouth so that when she rewards the dogs, their attention is always on her face, instead of her hands. One day she asked herself,  “Why should dog trainers have to taste treats that are unpalatable? More importantly, why should their dogs have to?" Because of this training tip, she wanted a dog treat that tasted great not only to her dogs but to humans too. So, we set out to create a dog treat that trainers would enjoy just as much as dogs do, and Jabby’s Dog Treats was created. We specially designed our treats to deliver nutrients and flavor in a small package. They are healthy, delicious treats that are easy to chew and break apart for older dogs, meaning that all dogs, no matter their age or size can enjoy them. When a treat tastes good enough for a human to enjoy, you know your dog will love it just as much. By treating your dog with Jabby’s, his attention is all on you.


Nancy and Natalie Jablonski